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Stagecoach West

Butcher, The (El Carnicero)

"A butcher of sorts, (a bandit) is determined to kill one of Simon's passengers---even if it means killing ever passenger on the coach." 


Coward Step Aside

A nearby silver strike causes most of the men to depart the town of Jefferson City, leaving the town's bank wide open to be hit by a gang of outlaws. 

Broken Arrow


An Indian chief plots to foment war between the Apache and Spanish settlers. 


Rendezvous for Revenge

Tarzan pursues a fugitive couple armed with hand grenades. 

Daniel Boone


Boone and Mingo sabotage a hostile Spanish search for a French look-alike of Boone’s. 

Eco Company Teens

Finding Tone Wood


Walking Wild

Orangutan Baby & Mountain Lions


Zoo Clues

Group Hunters

"We’ll enter the fray with a pack of wolves, get caught up in a feeding frenzy with a school of piranhas, and take to the skies with an aerial hunter as we investigate the group hunters of the animal world." 

Coolest Places on Earth, The

Coolest Animal Lover Vacation

"If you love animals, and love taking vacations, saddle up because this one’s for you. Tame the wild on a safari, get up close at iconic zoos, snap photos of endangered species, help out at an animal sanctuary, and dive deep into the ocean’s underwater kingdom. It’s an endless supply of unforgettable moments." 

Heroes Among Us


Heroes Among Us


Iron Horse

Leopards Try, But Leopards Can't

A former bounty hunter arrives in Scalplock to try to start a new life. 

Have Gun, Will Travel

Day of the Badman

Cynthia Palmer hires Paladin to clean up the town of Cedar Wells and get a gang out. She also wants him to send her schoolteacher nephew named Laredo back east. Paladin decides he can restore Laredo's self-respect and get rid of the gang at the same time. 

Wagon Train

The Gus Morgan Story

Railroad owners Gus and Ethan Morgan are looking for a way either through or around a peak. Hale accompanies the two brothers as they trace Ethan's proposed route, and is accidentally wounded. The three men are caught in a blizzard, their horses lost. When Ethan collapses, Gus, unable to carry both men, is faced with a terrible dilemma and must make a difficult decision.  

Have Gun, Will Travel

The Pledge

Ike Brennan hires Paladin to escort him and a wagonload of food and blankets into Indian country. The Indians are holding his wife hostage and he intends to trade what's in the wagon for her release. However, on the way there, Paladin discovers what he is really taking to the Indians. 

Have Gun, Will Travel


When Paladin is hired by a woman to discourage the advances of an unwanted suitor, it isn't long before she vanishes, the trail of clues leading to a group of counterfeiters.  

The Rebel


Yuma happens upon a scene where Roy Shandel murders his partner to keep the money from a stage robbery. Yuma nabs Shandel and delivers him to the Socorro jail, but Shandel's father uses nitroglycerin to force the son's release. 

The Rebel


After his horse is killed by Apaches, Yuma is found by a stagecoach driver. On the stage is Travers, who is blind and tormented by a previous stagecoach encounter with Apaches in which his wife was killed when they were left by a driver. 



Keeping cool during a stage holdup, Bart catches a twinkle of recognition between his lovely traveling companion (Pat Crowley) and one of the outlaws. 

Black Sheep Squadron

The Hawk Flies on Sunday

"The squadron's chances of being assigned the mission to kill Admiral Yamamoto are lessened by T.J.'s romance with a Eurasian girl suspected of giving information to the Japanese. " 

Star Trek: The Animated Series


Spock must travel to the past to rescue his younger self from danger. 

Star Trek: The Animated Series

One of Our Planets is Missing

The Enterprise encounters a giant cloud creature that feeds on the energy of the planets that lie in its path. They determine it is heading for Mantilles, home to a Federation colony governed by former Starfleet officer Bob Wesley (featured in the ST/TOS episode "The Ultimate Computer)". 

Star Trek

Wolf in the Fold

A serial killer stalks a planet...and Scotty is the primary suspect 

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Final Mission

After being accepted to Starfleet Academy, Wesley accompanies Picard on a final mission, only to find himself struggling to keep the captain alive. 

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

The Sons of Mogh

Cast out of Klingon society because of Worf's dishonor, his outcast brother asks Worf to kill him. 

Star Trek: Voyager


Janeway’s actions could cost the crew their chance of reaching home. 

Star Trek: Enterprise

The Breach

When militants take over a world, the Enterprise crew move to evacuate Denobulan geologists that are deep underground. Meanwhile, Phlox has to save a dying Antaran that refuses treatment due to the history of their races. 

The Rat Patrol

The Fire and Brimstone Raid

Dietrich traps the Rat Patrol in an Arab winery being used as a German munitions dump, despite the objections of a sheik who is weary of battles taking place on his land. 

The Rat Patrol

The Delilah Raid

A French Resistance fighter liberated from the Germans convinces the Rat Patrol to accompany her on a raid to destroy an enemy radar installation—but things are not what they appear to be. 


The Bankroll

A soldier who owes Kirby a lot of money seems to be hanging back in combat. 

12 O'Clock High

The Idolater

Lt. Josh McGraw, an old friend of Col. Joe Gallagher and a first-rate but somewhat unprincipled bomber pilot, has been assigned to Gallagher's squadron. McGraw has known and idolized Gallagher since childhood, but always with a dangerous envy. Full for recklessness, McGraw's first gambit with Gallagher is to buzz the field as he arrives. On the ground, McGraw fabricates a story, and, in his pleasure at seeing an old friend, Gallagher lets it pass with a slight warning. The 918th has been assigned a special mission: to bomb a series of bridges in Poland. 

21 Jump Street


Mac goes undercover as a football player when a high school football star dies from an unexplained heart attack. 
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