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QUIZ: It takes a super detective to spot all these things in 'Batman'

By: H&I Staff     Posted: June 15, 2018, 4:08PM
Batman is one of the most colorful TV shows of all time. The 1966 series stuffed every frame with zany props, costumed henchmen, mod fashion, explosions of text… and the Caped Crusaders, of course.

Yes, there's a lot to look at in this comic book come to life. But today we're asking you to spot one particular detail.

Below, you will find 15 eye-popping images from the Batman television show. See if you can spy what we spy.

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  1. I spy… something in yellow.
  2. I spy… someone wearing the number of this question.
  3. I spy… the name of a famous fast food chain.
  4. I spy… a baby animal.
  5. I spy… someone wearing the letter…?
  6. I spy… something hot pink.
  7. I spy… something purple.
  8. I spy… a beast in red.
  9. I spy… something in a bowl.
  10. I spy… a jar full of this fruit.
  11. I spy… a missing planet.
  12. I spy… something in a spiral.
  13. I spy… a certain animal.
  14. I spy… a pair of something.
  15. I spy… someone "Jolly."
QUIZ: It takes a super detective to spot all these things in 'Batman'

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