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The Mutton Puncher

Cheyenne gets involved with an attractive female sheep rancher. 


A Technical Error

Bart feels like a million when he wins a bank in a poker game. But the unlucky Maverick soon learns the truth: the bank's broke and so is he. 

Wanted Dead or Alive

Monday Morning

After being coerced into stealing a large amount of money from his workplace, Charlie Glover has a change of heart and hires Josh to help him return the money before his boss finds out. 

Wanted Dead or Alive

The Long Search

Yoshika Nakamura comes west to find a man named Bill Timmons, who promised to marry her when he visited Japan. Yoshika hires Josh to help her locate Timmons, and during his venture learns about Japanese culture. 

Have Gun, Will Travel

Night the Town Died

Aaron Bell's brother was lynched during the Civil War. Eight years later, Aaron is released from prison and returns home to kill those responsible for his brother's death. Warren hires Paladin to protect the townspeople from Aaron and protect Aaron from them. 

Have Gun, Will Travel

The Ledge

Paladin and four others debate what to do after a man falls off a ledge and it is uncertain whether he is alive or dead. Unresponsive and out of reach, the fallen man may be on the receiving end of a mercy killing if no one can find a way to get to him.  


Incident of the Tumbleweed

After two lawmen are killed while moving a prison wagon to Ft. Craig, Gil and Rowdy volunteer to bring its seven dangerous convicts to trial. Meanwhile, the outlaw husband of one prisoner follows in pursuit. 

The High Chaparral

Gold Is Where You Leave It

Gold seekers plot against the Cannons after Big John drives them away from an abandoned mine on his land. 


Going After Francesca

Harm and the Admiral must rescue Chegwidden's daughter Francesca ("The Stalker") from the Mafia while preventing the sale of stolen Navy missiles to Iran. 


The Martin Baker Fan Club

Roscoe Martin and three other patients at a V.A. hospital escape and hide out at Harm's apartment. But the reason for Roscoe's actions may lie in the way traumatized patients are treated. 


Act of Terror

When a Marine guard executes a suspected terrorist on national television, it seems like an easy win for Mac. 


Angels 30

After a pilot claims that God told him not to shoot down an Iraqi fighter, Mac and a skeptical Harm search for a more earthly explanation. 


Mr. Rabb Goes to Washington

Harm is asked to assist in a Congressional investigation into whether the U.S. military used Sarin gas during the Gulf War on Americans who were making chemical weapons for Saddam Hussein. 


People V. Mac

Chris is found dead, Harm (representing Mac) and Mic (representing Mac's mentor and lover, Lt. Colonel John Farrow) clash when Mic's defense strategy places the blame on Mac. 


The Black Jet

An investigation into the crash of a Stealth fighter piloted by Harm's friend, Lt. Commander Jack Keeter, in Iran turns into a secret recovery op when Harm and Mac learn the plane is intact and hidden. 


Jaggle Bells

A sudden appearance by Mac's "little sister", a Navy psychiatrist accused of DUI and a snowstorm in Washington D.C. create a chaotic atmosphere at JAG HQ. Mac's sister turns out to be the daughter of a submariner who'd been presumed dead. 


Dungaree Justice: Part 1

A civilian bar owner is severely beaten by three sailors, who claim the man raped a female shipmate, Lopez. But it turns out that the man is actually impotent due to an injury he suffered in Vietnam. 

Star Trek

For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky

The Enterprise must deflect an asteroid on a collision course with an inhabited planet, but discover the asteroid is a spaceship with a population unaware of the outside world. 

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Up the Long Ladder

The crew's rescue of a missing earth colony leads to the discovery of a civilization composed entirely 

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine


Dax falls in love with a man who will soon disappear with his planet into another dimension for sixty years. 

Star Trek: Voyager

The Raven

Haunting visions lead Seven of Nine on a quest to rejoin the Collective. 

Star Trek: Enterprise

The Expanse

An alien race known as the Xindi launch an attack on Earth, causing great casualties and massive damage. As Enterprise heads back home, an unlikely source informs Archer about the Xindi and that their next attack will destroy Earth. 


Death By Cycle

The detectives search for the killer of young man who was stabbed while riding his bicycle. McDowell’s sister is rushed to a hospital after being beaten. A suspect assaults Medavoy and escapes through a precinct window.  


Maya Con Dios

Maya Anderson’s partner is killed in a shootout, forcing Sipowicz and Clark to hide a young witness from his father. Ortiz and McDowell investigate when a two-year-old boy is abducted from his adoptive parents. 


Das Boots

The death of two prostitutes leads Sipowicz and Clark to an odd man with a grudge against a female co-worker. Medavoy and Jones try to obtain a confession from a murder suspect with the help of the suspect’s reverend.  


Below the Belt

The detectives investigate the death of a 17-year-old who liked having sex with cops. McDowell and Ortiz attempt to connect a car-bombing, stabbing and shooting, all of which occurred on the same block. Jones assists Haywood’s grandmother after she’s conned out of $5,000.