New horror Hulk comic series is kind of a TV series throwback

By: H&I Staff     Posted: March 1, 2018, 4:41PM

Image: Marvel Comics

If there’s one thing audiences love more than comics, it’s horror. So it’s no surprise that Marvel has caught on to the recent trend of making alternate universe horror comics featuring beloved characters. 

The latest to get the horror treatment will be The Incredible Hulk, in the new series The Immortal Hulk. In this series, Bruce Banner will be more werewolf-like, with the idea that during the day, he will be Banner, but as night falls, the Hulk will be unleashed. Though he may “die” in his human form, he will resurrect that night in the form of the green beast. Written by Al Ewing and illustrated by Joe Bennett, this will be a welcome change from the typical Hulk story. But while the supernatural element is sure to be super cool, that’s not what we’re looking forward to the most. 

According to an interview with Ewing and Bennett with CBR, what really stood out to us is that this new direction is borrowing from the storyline of the TV series we know and love, The Incredible Hulk.

“Then there’s Jackie McGee, who’s a slight borrow from the TV show – since we were looking at Banner walking the Earth and moving from one situation to the next, I thought it’d be nice to have a reporter tracking him, looking for the story. After all, in a world where the Hulk is a beloved celebrity in some states and a natural disaster to be feared in others, his comings and goings have the potential to be big news,” said Ewing. “Jackie finds herself on Banner’s trail in Arizona, and as the Hulk makes his presence felt in the world more and more, she’s right behind him. Banner, of course, doesn’t want to be found, or written about, or noticed, and he especially doesn’t want to be questioned. People in denial about themselves rarely do.”

Ewing is also adamant about The Immortal Hulk being enjoyable for everyone — people who have been into comics since they were kids and newcomers. He’s not planning on incorporating any crossovers into the series’ plot lines.

“If you have to buy another comic to enjoy Immortal Hulk, that means I’ve failed in my duty to you,” he told CBR. “In terms of his connection to the main Marvel Universe – at first, we’re very deliberately avoiding it. Bruce Banner walks the world alone, and that’s how he wants it.”

The Immortal Hulk will launch in June, so stay tuned!